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Where Food is Art.

Fresh seasonal cuisine
Have you ever been eating something or somewhere during your travels and said, “This is great! I wish we could get this in Jacksonville!” Or, “We ought to open up one of these in Jacksonville–people would love it!” Well, that’s how the idea of starting Picasso’s came about.

I grew up in St. Louis eating toasted ravioli and great pizza. It never occurred to me when I moved to the Carolinas that I wouldn’t be able to get these items anymore. In my travels, I’ve realized that most places have their specialties. For instance, I lived in Manhattan for a couple of years, and grew to appreciate the New York-style pizza.

When I met Chris, he was working at one of the finest restaurants in Jacksonville. I soon learned that he also grew up in St. Louis. We started talking about how we really missed some of the terrific dishes we couldn’t get anymore. That’s when we decided to open Picasso’s, not to be just another pizza place, but to make items we craved from other cities and couldn’t find around here.

So, whether it’s St. Louis- or New York-style pizza, a Kentucky Hot Brown, Philly cheese steak, Carnegie Deli cheesecake, the special salads, toasted ravioli, original-recipe buffalo wings, original-recipe Oysters Rockefeller, Gooey Butter cake, or one of Picasso’s originals, we make them because we love them, and we hope you will, too.

Don Brindley
chairman of the cupboard and chief tasting officer

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